Saturday, March 8, 2014

Easy Personal Apple Pie


I love this recipe! it's so easy you make it in the microwave!!!!

All you need:
-one apple cubed (you can peel it if you want)
-serving size of red hots(like 13 i think it's on the box)
-2 Gram crackers 
-Cool Whip
-microwave safe cup or bowl and a plate or saucer

Cut up your apple, add your red hots and place in the microwave (don't forget to cover your dish with a plate to keep the heat in) cook for 4 min sturring every 2 min or until tinder. While in microwave you can get your toppings together. Place your gram cracker in a little bag and crush it up (i used a rolling pin) and get your Whip Cream out of the fridge.

Once the apples are done you can start adding your toppings. 
(I also added a pinch of cinnamon on top) 

Sooo good and way better for you! 
xoxo- Katie